What you need to know about a Certificate of Origin

If you are in the business of international trade you would have no doubt heard about a Certificate of Origin.. But not everyone is familiar with what is a certificate of origin, why it is required, who issues it etc.. This article aims to clarify these points.. A Trade agreement is a contractual arrangement between … Read more

FCA Delivery and Letter of Credit interaction

FCA delivery and letter of credit

FCA stands for Free Carrier and should be shown as FCA (named place of delivery) Incoterms® 2020.. Under FCA, the seller delivers the goods to the buyer

– when the named place is the seller’s premises
– when they are loaded on the means of transport arranged by the buyer
– when the named place is another place having been loaded on the seller’s means of transport and the goods are ready for unloading from that seller’s means of transport when it reaches the named place and placed at the disposal of the carrier or of another person nominated by the buyer.… Read More »