Do you want to Really understand Incoterms® 2020..??

Incoterms 2020

The importance of Incoterms® cannot be underestimated.. While there are several discussions, articles, and other materials on the Internet, there are also several vague, incorrect, and inaccurate material on the internet.. If you want the correct and accurate information on Incoterms and understand Incoterms, then I recommend the discussions and articles from Bob Ronai.. Bob … Read more

What you need to know about a Certificate of Origin

If you are in the business of international trade you would have no doubt heard about a Certificate of Origin.. But not everyone is familiar with what is a certificate of origin, why it is required, who issues it etc.. This article aims to clarify these points.. A Trade agreement is a contractual arrangement between … Read more

What are the mandatory details required for the transportation of hazardous goods by road..??

Hazardous goods can be defined as materials or items with hazardous properties which if not properly controlled, may present a potential hazard to human and animal health and safety, the environment and infrastructure.. Hazardous goods must be classified, packaged, marked, labelled and packed as per the regulations set out by the IMDG Code by the … Read more

Understanding Incoterms® 2020 Rules

Incoterms 2020

One of the experts invited by the International Chamber of Commerce to be a member of their Incoterms® Drafting Group to draft the new Incoterms® 2020 is Bob Ronai, the first Australian and only the second non-lawyer to be invited by the ICC to be a member.. Bob addresses common questions about Incoterms® rules and also clears many misconceptions about the usage of the Incoterms® rules on his hugely popular Incoterms® group on LinkedIn..

Bob has compiled a series of short explanations of various matters critical to understanding and using the Incoterms® 2020 rules in the real world of trade based on various questions he has received about the correct application of the rules.. Some of these questions and explanations are being reproduced on this platform with kind permission from Bob Ronai..… Read More »